It’s a treat to be a pet

Global reach coupled with over a century of manufacturing excellence makes RONDO FOOD the first choice of pets and retail partners worldwide.

Value, global scale, quality & safety – That’s what we stand for!

Scrumptious snacks in every shape

Crunchy, chewy, meaty, healthy and natural… we have the treat in the right shape and size to satisfy the pickiest of pets. Let’s give pets treats they’ll love in a shape they’ll adore.

The perfect snack forevery possible taste

Pets can be picky customers. Some like it crunchy, some chewy, others prefer meaty. With our wide range of healthy, natural treats in various shapes and sizes we satisfy any preference a dog might have.

Extraordinary design produces extraordinary treats


We combine high-quality ingredients and flavors pets love to create healthy treats in shapes, sizes and textures that pets love.


Our huge variety of treat recipes, shapes and package options allow us to answer every retail pet treat need.


We efficiently and effectively meet growing demand while maintaining Quality, Consistency and Flexibility.


In our 100+ years we’ve become adept at what matters most: Quality, Consistency, Innovation, Sourcing, Safety and Compliance.

Extraordinary design produces extraordinary treats

Best quality, highest safety and a global scale

Appetizing advantages – for pets and people

  • Experienced

    Owners and operators of our facilities, we know how to efficiently produce and create value

  • Quality Focused

    Safely satisfying our retail partners, pet parents, and pets is core to
our business and the reason we maintain healthy relationships.

  • Private Brand

    Every product we offer meets or exceeds the expectations of our customers. We do that so your brand shines.

  • Innovators

    Our team of product developers work hard to create ideal treat solutions for our customers’ unique needs.

Trusted by international
companies and partners

Our goals are always to create long-term partnerships that leverage stability, collaboration, efficiency, quality, and shared goal setting.

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