• BRC-Certificate, Krefeld

    Mixing dry components for extrusion and cutting pet food, (food supplements) for dogs and cats, packed in polytube bags and stand-up pouches as well as filing of complete diet in polytube bags.

  • BRC-Certificate, Halle

    Mixing of dry and liquid components and extruding them as a pet food (food supplements), cutting; drying chew sausage for dogs as well as packing into polytube bags and and four-side sealed metallised pouches with and without flushing with nitrogen.

  • IFS-Certificate, Krefeld

    Mixing of dary materials and liquid components, extrusion of pet food (supplementary food) and cutting with packing into poly-tube and standing bags as well as packing of dry food and trade with finished articles (croquettes, moulded

  • IFS-Certificate, Halle

  • Catalog-2021

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